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Motoring Defence Solicitors is a dedicated division of Qore Legal that focuses solely on providing bespoke and specialist representation to motorists charged with road traffic offences such as drink driving and drug driving. Based at our head office in Central London, we represent motorists all over England & Wales and provide expert advice/ guidance on a range of road traffic matters.

Motor law is a niche area of criminal law and there is a rarity of firms with genuine expertise in this area. If you are charged with an offence we recommend that you do not delay in seeking legal advice. It is crucial you are aware of the legalities of your position as soon as possible and early advice/representation can often make a significant difference to the result.

Motoring Defence Solicitors will approach your case as we do every other; not as a statistic  but as a person who needs help. This quality is often singled-out by clients as one of the benefits of having instructed us.  We know that being charged is intimidating but Neil will provide expert legal advice and go beyond what is expected to help reassure you. Whilst he can never guarantee success, he can guarantee to provide clarity and reassurance during an often-confusing time.

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