Legal Training on The Tier 1 Start-up and Innovator Visa

Qore Legal’s partner solicitor Jonathan Hendry will be co-presenting an HJT training course with Mark Symes on the Start-up and Innovator categories.

This is a 2-hour course aimed at explaining what we know about the new immigration routes replacing the Entrepreneur route.

Start-up and Innovator routes Course Criteria:

  • The new Appendix W – Immigration Rules for Workers
  • General credibility assessment
  • Who are the visas aimed at?
  • How do endorsing bodies work?
  • Investment funds – level of funds, evidence of funds
  • Endorsement requirements – recognised endorsing bodies and endorsement letter
  • The meaning of ‘Innovative, viable and scalable’
  • English language requirements (increase to B2 level)
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Grant and conditions of leave under each category
  • Requirements for extensions
  • Requirements for settlement
  • Transitional arrangements
  • Tips on how to prepare a good application
  • Who are the endorsing bodies and how does an applicant become endorsed?
  • How does an endorsing body become an endorsing body?
  • Prospective Entrepreneur updated

Please join this flash course on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the UK Innovator visa or UK immigration law matters, please contact us:


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