Start-up and Innovator visa: official list of endorsing bodies

Friday, 29 March 2019 marks the introduction of the Start-up and Innovator visa categories. An official list of endorsing bodies for each category has been published.

The endorsing bodies for the Innovator visa are:

  • The Bakery
  • Seed Camp
  • Invest Northern Ireland
  • Zinc
  • Deep Science Ventures
  • Wayra
  • Ignite
  • Bethnal Green Ventures
  • Codebase • Capital Enterprise
  • Cylon
  • Tech X
  • Seed Haus
  • Med City
  • Scottish Edge
  • Royal Society Edinburgh
  • Tech Nation
  • NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneur Accelerator
  • Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator
  • Set Squared Bristol
  • Set Squared Exeter
  • Set Squared Southampton
  • Set Squared Surrey

Although at this early stage there doesn’t appear to be much information about the process or criteria from the individual endorsing bodies themselves, this information is likely to become available shortly and complemented by published guidance from UKVI.

For further information, please contact us at speak to one of our experienced immigration lawyers for advice and assistance with the Start-up and Innovator visas.

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